A book for anyone who appreciates the Greatest Generation's wartime sacrifice

"Midway Bravery -- The Story of an Army Pilot Who Attacked Japan's Flagship and Helped Win the Biggest Battle in Navy History"

That's the title of my upcoming book. It overviews the life of a World War II pilot who signed up with the Army Air Force because he wanted a better life than he expected on his family's Montana ranch during the Great Depression.

Jim Muri learned to fly and become the pilot of a B-26 medium bomber. He answered the call of duty and, in his first mission, flew a plane nicknamed Susie-Q into battle. He and his crew of six attacked Japan's mighty navy head-on on June 4, 1942. Muri buzzed the deck of the carrier Akagi. He brought his bullet-ridden plane and crew safely back to Midway. Muri lived to age 94, able to tell his story of courage during a baptism of fire.

All World War II vets, including posthumously my father who came back and his cousin, a Marine who died at Saipan in 1944, appreciate your interest in the lives of men and women whose sacrifices made possible the freedoms we enjoy.